House Party


1. Musical Chairs

2. Dancing and Drinking

3. Musical Chairs Finals from another angle

This is going to be a bunch of fun. If you can make it you should. Do you remember them old house parties where everyone is having fun and cutting loose? Well, this is it all over again.

We will provide plenty of food for everyone to snack on and enjoy.

Bring your own drinks - we are not going to try to figure out what everyone wants to drink so just bring your own.

Bring your swimming trunks and a towel (floaties if you need them) because I am sure after a few hours of dancing there will be some people that want to go for a swim.

Show up around 8:00p and the dance party will start around 9:00p. We will have a large mix of music but it will mostly be upbeat disco, 80's and hip hop.

If you have anything you want to hear just let me know and I will get it in the play list. Do not plan on bringing music because I will have the play list set and just have it running so we will not have to mess with the music all night long.

This is a no kid party. We love our kids and we usually are all about having the kids around during any of our gatetherings. NOT THIS TIME! Get a sitter and come have some fun.