2008 Sand Springs Soap Box Derby

Rusty spent several days working nonstop on this monster.  He used a ladder frame and then modified a go-cart to use larger wheels. He created a cardboard mold to then make a fiberglass body.  


Rusty's Shark
Jose Shark
I did help out some on Friday and into Saturday morning.  I do know the paint went on around 5a. Saturday morning.  The shark was really popular with the kids at the derby.  We had several kids that came by to have their picture taken with "JOWS".
The shark ran very well.  We had some people tell us that the radar gun clocked it at 24 MPH at the bottom of the hill.  We definitely were not the slowest or the fastest.  It was a ton of fun and being that is was the first year for Sand Springs to put on this event hopefully next year they will get some of the kinks worked out and we will be back on top of the hill with a new creation.
Rusty shark