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Saturday 1/10/2015
There was an island style band playing when you walk into the airport for customs, reminded me of the movie "Blended".
Kischko for drinks surprised at price of drinks.
Went to grocery store we were all a little amazed at the prices.
Becca bought a peach drink which is unusual so when I asked her the taxi driver was curious and asked to see the peach drink.  It was a peach scented disinfectant!
We rented “Dawg Breathe” from Scooter Bob and Amos a 10-seat van.

Da Conch Shack for dinner.

Sunday 1/1112015
Bugaloos for dinner.
We got on the table and danced and there was a James Brown imitator.
We met a group and one guy had a very awkward tattoo.


Sports bar Danny Buoys for lunch
Girls shopped and boys went to Southside marina.
We fished Flamingo Lake.  Steve caught a small barracuda.

Mis Amigos for dinner.

Tuesday 1/13/2015
Hemingways for appetizers and then Bay Bistro for dinner.

Wednesday 1/14/2015
John, Jim Bob, Steve and Jose went fishing.
We caught about 8 strawberry grouper, 2 trigger fish, 3 barracudas and one 4 and 1/2 foot Caribbean reef shark.
We ate fresh fish we caught in the morning for lunch, right on the boat.
Kelly and Rebecca kayaked in the bay and out to the ocean following a stingray while Pam directed from the top deck.

Ate barracuda, grouper, rice, green beans for dinner.

Thursday 1/15/2015
8 person snorkel excursion, Big star fish, Iguana island, Grilled and fresh conch.
Steve, Rebecca and Jose took a course on scuba diving.
Junkaloo band performed but Happy Kid was too wasted to perform.

City Fish Fry ate empanadas and had really good drinks.
Friday 1/16/2015
Christie and John shopped during the day.
Steve, Rebecca and Jose went scuba diving Tiki Hut Dive and Eel Gardens.
Shark Bite for lunch.
Las Misas dinner.

Saturday 1/17/2015
Pam, Steve, Rebecca. Jose and JimBob ate Kukaloos for lunch, prior to 4 of us getting on a plane to Atlanta.

John & Christie had a earlier flight to Jackson, MS

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